Here at Peer In Counseling Center we aim to ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of how the insurance process works. Please note for your first visit, arrive ten minutes early so you can complete the initial paperwork which will be on a clipboard in the lobby area.

To ensure that your services will be covered by your insurance company please follow the steps below prior to your first visit:
  • To help you discover if I am in network with your insurance company look on the back of your card, and most cards will read for mental health and substance abuse call 1.800-

  • Call this number and ask the following questions prior to your first visit:
    • Do I need an authorization number?
    • Do I have a mental health deductible and if so how much?
    • What is my co-pay/coinsurance? How much do I pay at my visit?

Starting 2017, I will begin the process of no longer being in network with most insurance panels starting with Cigna and Magellan. I am not doing this in an effort to make more money. As a matter of fact, I am reducing my rate to help accommodate those with large deductibles. I no longer want to be part of insurance networks who do not care about you or me. Please feel free to text me 704.564.2647 to discuss financial arrangements.